What We Do 

Our mission is to motivate people to clean up the environment and being active at the same time. We do this by making it more engaging, more social and more fun to go litter picking on your own or with your friends or like-minded people.  

WasteHunters is developed to track the litter items you pick up while you walk or run. You can do it on your own or you can create your events where you can go litter picking with other people. It is free to download and use, and it will provide you statistics on the number of items picked, types of items, where they were picked up and the distance walked. It is easy to share events and results to friends and social media to get more people involved.     

We believe that litter picking (also called plogging from the two Swedish words for picking up and jogging) is an activity we should all get involved with. The litter we can see in our streets, in our forests or on our beaches risk ending up in theoceans, where it can do tremendous damage.  So download the WasteHunters app today and start making a difference. 

Litter picking is an activity you can do every day on your way to the supermarket or work, when you go for a walk or if you want to go for a run. Imagine if everyone would pick up just five items per day, every day!  

If everyone would help a little, it would help a lot.